Theatre of Wonder in Sofia, Bulgaria

Late October 2022, I was invited to the Theatre of Wonder festival in Sofia, Bulgaria by Dimitar Uzunov (Arte Urbana Collectif). Over four days, the festival offers a combination of science and performance on stage. Two of those days, I performed with some ERLNMYR projects. The venue for this wonderful event was an old heat …

Impro and Science – a Teaser

The text below is a teaser section from a larger text titled “Improvisation and the Scientific Method” by Gael Doorneweerd-Perry and myself that has appeared in the book Essays on Improv (2022) by members of The SIN network.You can find another teaser of the chapter, on entropy, on Gael’s blog. Both Gael and I have a scientific background—Gael …

Barcelona Improv Festival 2018

Last November, I spent almost a week in Barcelona to participate in the BIG IF international improv festival there. Here’s my story of a week with two performances, three workshops and lots of great conversations with fellow improvisers. Werewolves, the improv show The primary reason for going to BIG IF was performing Werewolves, the improv …

Teaching in Toulouse … in French

The last month of 2018 brought another new experience for me. I was invited to teach a weekend workshop of the Werewolves show format to TIC, a French improvisation group in Catus, near Toulouse. Although my invitation came from their Dutch secretary Koos, I was to teach the workshop in French. Teaching “Les loups-garous” was …

Happy holidays!

I would like to wish everyone a warm end of year with plenty of time for your friends and family. Already my best wishes for 2019! And my warm christmas greetings I send you with this video. In the past week I hosted a part of the Talentweek of Thomas More – Campus Sanderus. Ingmar …