Happy holidays!

Written by Ben Verhoeven December 23, 2018 0 comment

I would like to wish eve­ry­o­ne a warm end of year with plen­ty of time for your friends and fami­ly. Alrea­dy my best wis­hes for 2019!

And my warm christ­mas gree­tings I send you with this video. In the past week I hosted a part of the Talent­week of Tho­mas More — Cam­pus San­de­r­us. Ingmar was also the­re and together we impro­vi­sed songs to rai­se money for the Warm­ste Week. We also play­ed the song below, made up on the spot based on an e‑mail of Ilse who is on long-term sick lea­ve. She wan­ted to thank her col­lea­gues and stu­dents for the sup­port.

“A warm Christ­mas fee­ling”