Below you will find ERLNMYR’s offer of science theater shows. Companies, museums, libraries, universities, schools and other organisations looking to present science in an entertaining way, can always call on ERLNMYR. We have played shows at the Nerdland Festival, Science Day, I Love Science festival and at a variety of schools, enterprises and organisations.


An improvised theatre show and a live Turing test science experiment! A chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence tries to pass as human as it secretly sends lines to one of the actors via an earpiece. Can you unmask the robot that plays theatre?


Koninkrijk der Weetgierigen

In this curious participatory theatre, we take children ages 8 to 12 into the research world of science philosophy. The housekeepers of the royal family guide you through their fairytale where the most important roles are performed by the children themselves: the princess, the king, the queen. The main question remains: is it smart to doubt? 



Hoofdstof is an exciting improvised game show full of humour, live music and science, developed especially for the first two years of secondary school. Together with a host and a scientist, the audience strives to win enough fictional funds for an important research project. With our web application on their smartphone, the students can share their ideas, opinions and answers live with the actors on stage. This input is immediately used in the scenes and forms the foundation of a show that is unique at each iteration.


Wrap-up of your event

Looking for a way to wrap up your event in an entertaining manner? Then improvisational theater is the way to go! We compose an end to your event by playfully summarizing the different subjects of the day. A great way to end conferences, study days and seminars!

So is this love?

Love is a loaded word, with many meanings. 

On stage, philosopher dr. Katrien Schaubroeck and improviser and linguist dr. Ben Verhoeven explore different love relationships and what exactly love means.

With this lecture performance, the creators encourage you to reflect about concepts of love which might suit you very well or not at all.



Full STEAM Ahead

The show that adds the A of Arts to STEM! With input from the audience, our scientific actors create amusing characters and intriguing stories. Ancient scientific theories or the most recent developments? No subject too complicated to become the inspiration for bite-sized improvisational theater! Thanks to the live music, the audience is captivated by the enchanting stories. Who would have imagined to say that about a science show?