Here is our offer of impro­vi­sa­ti­on shows about sci­en­ce. We enjoy per­for­ming for com­pa­nies, muse­ums, libra­ries, uni­ver­si­ties, schools and other orga­ni­sa­ti­ons that want to show sci­en­ce in an enter­tai­ning man­ner. We pre­vious­ly per­for­med at the Sound of Sci­en­ce Fes­ti­val, at the Sci­en­ce Day in Ant­werp and at diver­se com­pa­nies and orga­ni­sa­ti­ons.


An impro­vi­sed the­a­tre show and a live Turing test sci­en­ce expe­ri­ment: an arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gen­ce-based chat­bot tries to pass as human as it sends lines to one of the actors via an ear­pie­ce. Can you unmask the robot that plays the­a­tre?



Hoofd­stof is an exci­ting impro­vi­sed game show full of humour, live music and sci­en­ce, devel­o­ped espe­ci­al­ly for the first two years of seconda­ry school. Together with a host and a sci­en­tist, the audien­ce stri­ves to win enough funds for an impor­tant research pro­ject. With our web appli­ca­ti­on the audien­ces can send their ide­as, opi­ni­ons and ans­wers live to the actors on sta­ge. This input is imme­di­a­te­ly used in the sce­nes and forms the foun­da­ti­on of a show that is uni­que at each ite­ra­ti­on.


Wrap-up of your event

We enter­tai­nin­gly wrap up your event by using eve­ry­thing what hap­pe­ned befo­re as inspi­ra­ti­on for our impro­vi­sed the­a­ter. A per­fect for ending for your con­fe­ren­ce or stu­dy day.

Full STEAM Ahead

The­se sci­en­tists add the A of Art to STEM. With your input, they cre­a­te fun charac­ters and intri­guing sto­ries. Long­stan­ding sci­en­ti­fic the­o­ries as well as the most recent fin­dings are inte­gra­ted into an enjoy­a­ble pie­ce of impro­vi­sed the­a­ter with live music. We hope you will lea­ve our show having both learnt and laug­hed.