Hosting & facilitating

Looking for someone who knows how to captivate an audience? Someone that speaks clearly and provides guidance to your event? Someone who can moderate and manage a debate or panel discussion? Someone who can deliver a scientific message crystal clear yet with the right complexities, thanks to their prior scientific knowledge? 

Then you have found the right partner in ERLNMYR. 

Interactive Lecture: What scientists can learn from improvisational theatre

Many scientists try to communicate about their research and field to their participants, stakeholders, and a wider audience. Unfortunately, their message sometimes gets lost in a one-way street of one-size-fits-all information. Complex scientific findings are not or hardly translated to the target audience, who are expected to passively absorb knowledge like a sponge. How do you change this one-sided dynamic? Enter improvisation! Training in improvisation techniques can not only help you improve your rhetorical skills, but also better empathize with your target audience. Thanks to improvisation, science communication can become a two-way street, with room for creativity, the courage to be yourself on stage, and to trust yourself if something goes wrong. In this interactive lecture, Ben Verhoeven gives a sneak peek into how you can use improvisation to create a real connection with your audience.

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