“If I were introduced to a show like this as a kid, I would definitely have paid more attention to science class.”

Phoenix Remix, Brighton Fringe, 2019

What happens when a robot hijacks a theatre show? What does this non-human theatre look like? At Improbotics we test this with Alex: a unique chatbot that uses ChatGPT to dialogue, control people and create some great science theatre along the way!

In the beginning of the show, Alex is in the scenes as a robot. Soon he will take over one of the players and they will form a cyborg together: half human, half computer. The audience can guess who is being controlled by Alex through an earpiece, and who is speaking out of free will. Can you unmask the robot-controlled actor?

And who is Improbotics for? 
Well, for everyone. We offer our interactive show in English and Dutch. Also the style and content are adapted to the audience:

  • Schools: As science theatre, Improbotics brings content that fits with school themes for 14-18 year olds: digitisation, artificial intelligence, theatre, …
  • Organisations and companies: Improbotics is a fun trip for each organisation or great contribution to a successful event. Interactive, funny, entertaining, but also educational. About artificial intelligence and so much more.
  • Family: A robot on stage, that’s exciting for young and old. Improbotics is a fun introduction to improvised theatre and artificial intelligence for the whole family, ages 8 till 99.

Is none of these descriptions what you are looking for? Improbotics offers customised shows, adapting style and content to the target audience.


“The show is recommended for young and old, no matter whether you come to laugh or learn.”
– Kim Verhaeghe, Eos Wetenschap

“I really appreciated the role AI plays in your show. It was very interactive, and became even stronger when you also included the Turing Test in the theater play. Keeping such a young audience fascinated is very impressive.”
– Secondary school teacher

“‘Nice way to make AI – with all its possibilities and limitations – known to a wider audience.”
Felix De Clerck, Kabinet Crevits

Cast & Creatives

Cast: Charlotte De Metsenaere, Gilles Delvaulx, Karen Aerts, Ann Claes, Magali Minet, Alain Rinckhout and Ben Verhoeven (in changing combinations)
Director: Ben Verhoeven 
Scenography: Robin Decoster 
Dramaturgy: Imre Spoor 
Costume design: Lotte Cools 
Illustrations: Koen Van Den Eeckhout
Technician: Jesse Steurs
Technological support: Thomas Winters and Sebastiaan Jansen
Concept: the Improbotics consortium, consisting of Kory Mathewson, Piotr Mirowski, Jenny Elfving and Ben Verhoeven
Production: ERLNMYR

This show was made possibly by a subsidy from Department EWI of the Flemish government.
This show features a robot that was sponsored by EZ Robot.