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I am avai­la­ble for tea­ching com­ple­te cour­ses in impro­vi­sa­ti­on, sin­gle work­shops that are aimed at one aspect, or team­buil­dings whe­re the focus is more on a play­ful appro­ach of impro­vi­sa­ti­on.

The method is always impro­vi­sa­ti­on, but the trai­ning goals are diver­se: public spea­king, team work and col­la­bo­ra­ti­on, lis­te­ning, … soft skills, in short.

From my expe­rien­ce as an aca­de­mic I know how the skills I acqui­red through impro­vi­sa­ti­on hel­ped me com­mu­ni­ca­te the out­co­mes of my research to an audien­ce — be it my col­lea­gues or a wider audien­ce. The most impor­tant point for me is to switch from one-way com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on to two-way com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. This is why I very much like tea­ching impro­vi­sa­ti­on to sci­en­tists.

Improv for improvisers

If you’­re inte­rested in a more artis­tic appro­ach to impro­vi­sa­ti­on, come and fol­low a cour­se at the Swaajp School of Improv in Ant­werp whe­re I’m one of the tea­chers. I also regu­lar­ly teach impro­vi­sa­ti­on work­shops with dif­fe­rent groups in Bel­gi­um and abroad.